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We offer a 10 Pre-Paid Appointment Guarantee for your business or you don't pay & a 7-Day Free Trial! 


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From e-commerce to service based businesses, we're creating advertising strategies that acquire interest and turn visitors into long time customers.

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Creator University

TikTok Ads 

After research into the market & target, we created a high-performing video that had a clickthrough rate of 2.4%. Our cost per acquisition fell to as low as $0.87 to acquire warm email leads for the course.

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SMS Boost

Lead Generation

Most service-based businesses on TikTok will spend hundreds of dollars to get leads. Once our ads were honed in, we were generating Shopify store owners' emails for $2.60 each. We cut the past agencies CPA by 98%!

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The marketing team at StuDocu understands the value of TikTok's paid ads. We did a full audit of their account and implemented solutions that decrease CPA by 8% & increase conversion rate by 12% within a day!

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